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Phillies are changing the Phanatic


You don’t mess with perfection. That’s a pretty basic rule of life. Even better: it’s an easy rule of life to live by. When you’ve got something great, just do . . . nothing. Ask the people who ran Coca-Cola back in the 80s how that works.

I say this because I fear that perfection is being messed with in Philadelphia. The story from NBC Philly’s Jim Salisbury:

Word around Phillies spring training camp is that the Phanatic has made a few alterations himself. Fans will get a peek at the Big Green Guy’s new look Sunday when the Phillies host the Pittsburgh Pirates at Spectrum Field . . . .

No word on what the changes will be, but Salisbury tells us why the changes are happening: litigation and money. The original creators of the Phanatic and the Phillies have been embroiled in a legal dispute for a year or two now and the Phillies are, apparently, trying to retain the rights to the Phanatic without having to pay big bucks to the creators. One assumes that the lawyers told them that if they alter the design of the costume in certain ways they can accomplish that. I have no idea how that works — intellectual property law was not my bailiwick — but you figure that’s what’s going on.

I feel like if you can pay Odubel Herrera over $20 million to not play for you you can shoot the people who created baseball’s most beloved mascot a fraction of that to keep things status quo, but no one asks me these things.

Jim Edmonds being tested for coronavirus

Jim Edmonds
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Longtime Angels and Cardinals outfielder Jim Edmonds shared on his Instagram story that he is being tested for coronavirus.

The four-time All-Star, who now works as a broadcaster for Fox Sports Midwest, has not posted an update on the results of his test.

If you want to learn more about COVID-19 or think you might need to be tested, give the CDC’s site about the virus a read. Informing yourself is the most important step. Washing your hands and staying home, if possible, is the best way to protect yourself.

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