Must-Click Link: Your ballpark beer guide to the 2020 season

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I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Eno Sarris of The Athletic a few times and while he is a great many things — a writer, an analyst, a husband, a dad, and a sandwich innovator and aficionado (really) — if you asked me to tell you the first thing about him that popped into my head, I’d say “that’s a dude who is really, really, really into beer.”

Like, really into beer.

One year, at the Winter Meetings in San Diego, I went to a couple of beer meetups he planned. I am not some super beer expert, but I probably know more than most guys in a given suburban neighborhood at least and can at least pretend to know what I’m talking about to a certain point, but Eno was speaking Chinese to me. He suggested I try something I’d never heard of and which I cannot right now remember, but his words were the equivalent of “this is a skdjskds with aksdakdjakj made in the Fksdjksjd style. Sessionable, but I wouldn’t advise it.” I think that last part was accurate, actually. The point was that (a) I tasted it and it was one of the best things I ever had; and (b) if you want beer advice from someone, you could do way, way worse than listening to Eno Sarris.

I write all of this because over at The Athletic, Eno wrote up his Beer Nerd’s Guide to Baseball, in which he ranks the craft beer offerings at every ballpark. Highly recommended reading if you like baseball and if you like beer. Which I’m guessing describes most of you.

It’s more than just a ranking listicle, as he breaks down not just the best beer on-site, but ranks its availability, which is important. Like, it’s one thing if the park has THE BEST SINGLE BEER IN THE UNIVERSE, but it’s only available from a single cart behind section 4,3566B, or if you can only get it if you’re in the Diamond Lexus Club or whatever. It’s another thing if the good stuff is available at every other concession stand. Beyond that, it’s just excellent reading and it makes me thirsty.

I won’t reveal his full rankings, but know that the two ballparks which most people say off the top of their heads have the best craft beer — Seattle and San Diego — are not shockingly number one and number two on the list. Number three may not surprise you. Number four probably will surprise you, but not if you’ve been there. It may be the most underrated park in baseball for a lot of reasons, actually. The bottom three do not surprise me one bit, but it’s a damn atrocity that parks in such major cities are so lacking. Complacency I guess.

Anyway, good reading.