Mike Fiers has received death threats

Getty Images

Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle sat down with Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers, and the man who dropped the dime on the Astros’ sign-stealing revealed something that, while not surprising, is pretty damn disappointing: he has received “a lot of death threats” since the story about it all appeared in The Athletic last November.

He’s taking it in stride, he says, and is not really worried about himself as much as he is about his family. For what it’s worth, Rob Manfred said the other day that Major League Baseball “will take every possible step to protect Mike Fiers wherever he’s playing.”

Fiers went on to say that he’s not worried about retaliation from the Astros when he faces the A’s division rival this year. Given that it’s the American League he won’t have to bat against them, so maybe that’s academic, but there will no doubt be taunts or head games or whatever. Either way, Fiers says “If I’m worried about any retaliation, I’m not going to be ready for the season.” I’m sure it’s a calculus he made before agreeing to go on the record with what he knew.