Video: Christian Yelich assists Pat Connaughton in NBA Dunk Contest

Christian Yelich at the dunk contest
Getty Images

Former Orioles minor league pitcher and current Milwaukee Buck Pat Connaughton participated in tonight’s NBA Dunk Contest, and his first submission for the judges came with with help from Brewers star Christian Yelich. Check this out:

Yes, that’s the Woody Harrelson costume from White Men Can’t Jump.

Connaughton is one hell of an athlete. In addition to the whole being in the NBA and being selected for the dunk contest things, he pitched for Notre Dame and was selected in the fourth round of the 2014 draft by Baltimore. He’s hit 96 MPH with his fastball. Something tells me he chose the right line of work, though.

Yelich is a common sight at Bucks games, so it’s no surprise to see him help Connaughton out here. Cool stuff.

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