José Berríos loses his arbitration case

Jose Berrios
Getty Images

Twins ace José Berríos has lost his arbitration case. He will make a $4.025 million salary in 2020. He had requested $4.4 million.

Dan Hayes of The Athletic says that Berríos was arguably reaching in his request for $4.4 million, with the implication that $4 million was, objectively speaking, the more reasonable figure. He says that Berríos did so consciously in an effort to bump up the salary comps for other players who might follow him in arbitration. If that was the aim, hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and at least such a shot was for admirable reasons. As it is, even with the loss he’ll get a substantial raise over the $620,000 he made in 2019.

It was a 2019 season in which Berríos went 14-8 and posted 3.68 ERA and a 195/51 K/BB ratio over 32 starts and 200.1 innings.