The non-Derek Jeter Hall of Fame voter remains anonymous

Getty Images

The Baseball Writers Association of America has released the ballots of those Hall of Fame voters who chose to make them public. Which they are not required to do. You can see the entire list of public ballots here.

As we noted when the results were revealed last month, one voter and only one voter declined to put Derek Jeter on their ballot, keeping him from being the second unanimous inductee of all time. That bothered some people, and those people were eagerly waiting for today’s reveal to see who it was. Welp, sorry. The Jeter non-voter did not make their ballot public.

Which is fine by me. I used to get bent out of shape about this stuff but my feelings on that have changed as there are a lot more things to get worked up about these days. As such, I do not really care about the particularities of the Hall of Fame vote as opposed to the results. I do not make a distinction between “first ballot” guys and guys who got in in year 10. I do not think that being a 95% or a 76% or a unanimous vote-getter makes any difference whatsoever. It’s a pass-fail test, with “pass” being 75% and everyone who makes it is a Hall of Famer.

But if you do care who left Jeter off the ballot, you’re still in the dark.