Dallas Keuchel signs with the White Sox


The Chicago White Sox added Gio González the other day. Tonight they’ve continued their rotation upgrade by signing Dallas Keuchel to a three-year, $55.5 million deal. The deal also includes a vesting option for a fourth season that could bring the total contract to $74 million. Jeff Passan of ESPN had the news of the deal. Jon Heyman supplied the dollars.

Keuchel, who did not sign with the Braves until the middle of the 2019 season posted a 3.75 ERA (121 ERA+) in his 19 starts in Atlanta. He may not be the Cy Young-caliber ace he once was, but he’s still an very solid starter who, along with González and Lucas Giolito, should help bolster a Chisox pitching staff that was no great shakes last year.

As it is: the White Sox are clear buyers who are going for it. In a division in which the Tigers and Royals are obvious non-contenders, the Indians are apparently selling, and the Twins have exhibited some inconsistency over the past few years, Chicago is looking pretty interesting heading into 2020.