Need a hot stove preview? Then check this out.

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As we wait for the hot stove to get hot — and if it’s like last year it may take until February until it’s even warm — you may be looking for some preview material to tide you over for a spell. If so, the guys at Rotoworld have you covered.

This week old friends D.J. Short and Drew Silva devote their Rotoworld Podcast to the hot stove, breaking down the top free agents, identifying potential high-profile trade targets, and talking about the teams to watch this offseason. Short version: it’s Scott Boras’ world this winter and everyone is living in it.

The podcast:

If you’re podcast averse and would prefer to read about the top free agents, another old friend — Matthew Pouliot — has you covered with his always indispensable annual Top 111 Free Agents post. Why 111? I have no idea, but you have plenty to read as you think about the answer to that question. I’m not sure if people still bookmark websites — I’m old so I still do — but if you do, bookmark that for quick and handy reference every time you hear a rumor about your team being interested in so-and-so.

Someone will sign eventually, folks. Listen to D.J. and Drew and read Matthew so you’re prepared when they do.