FBI investigating White Sox insider ticket resale scam

Getty Images

The Chicago Tribune reported on Friday evening that the FBI is investigating a Chicago man who sold some 35,000+ tickets for Chicago White Sox games on StubHub over the past three years. The vast majority of which, apparently, have come from an insider source with the White Sox who appears to be working with the ticket re-seller.

According to a recently-unsealed search warrant, 96% of the tickets the man sold came via complementary ticket vouchers which are normally given out by the team to friends and family of players, issued to team employees or which are used as community and charitable giveaways. What’s more, a large number of the tickets were sold for games involving marquee pitching matchups that, at the time the tickets were issued, could not have been known about without insider information. The turnaround on those sales, and the fact that the tickets appeared on StubHub so soon after they were generated by the team, suggests insider assistance.

No one has been charged with any crimes yet, but this stinks like crazy.