Fan lets home run ball smack his chest so he does not drop his beers

What makes a hero?

  • Does it require cinematic or literary acts of bravery like rescuing children from a burning buildings or saving damsels in distress?
  • Or is it something more classical, like a figure who lives and dies — and overcomes personal foibles — in pursuit of honor?
  • Maybe that’s not it at all. Maybe, as in ancient times, true heroes commune with the deities and battle with the fates while providing moral examples for mere mortals.

These are all heavy questions that not only serve to help us understand what a hero is but, in reality, also serve to help us gain a better understanding of ourselves and our times via an examination of what we consider to be heroic virtue in the first place.

In possibly related news, everyone watching the World Series last night rose to their feet and cheered when they saw this dude sacrifice his body to knock down a Yordan Álvarez’s home run ball rather than risk droppin’ one of the two beers he was double-fisting (go to the :35 second mark or so to see the closeup):


And again:

And of course the folks who make the beer he saved took notice:

Maybe that’s what heroism in 2019: having a moment in the bright enough sun to where you get a commercial out of it. Hey, you do what you can when the deities and fates don’t talk to us as much as they used to.