Chad Cordero to throw out first pitch of Game 3 to Brian Schneider

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The Nationals don’t have a ton of history to draw on as a franchise, especially given that, for the most part, they hold the Montreal Expos portion of their history at arm’s length (which, by the way, I think is appropriate for a lot of reasons I’ll go into some other time). For historical purposes, the Washington Nationals are a 2005-present affair. As such, it’s not as easy for them as it might be for some other teams to figure out who should throw out the first pitch at their first-ever home World Series game tomorrow night.

You can’t go to some old timer who is in the Hall of Fame because there aren’t any. You can’t go with the biggest stars in team history because the biggest stars in team history are, mostly, members of the 2019 Washington Nationals. You really don’t want to go beyond baseball, especially considering the city’s NFL team has been a train wreck for a couple of decades. The Capitals? Eh, seems like that’d be stealing the Nats’ thunder. This is their time.

This problem has led to a lot of chatter in Nats circles over the past week about who should throw out that first pitch. But now that has been decided. Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post reports:

The answer, according to multiple people with knowledge of the plan: Chad Cordero to Brian Schneider, the end-of-game battery for the Nationals team that brought baseball back to Washington in 2005.

What, you were expecting Brad Wilkerson?

I imagine it was not always fun for Nats fans to look back at early Nats history until recently, because there really wasn’t a ton to celebrate. But when you are on the brink of a World Series championship, the bad old days probably seem a lot better now.