Dusty Baker has second interview with Phillies

Getty Images

NBC Sports Philadelphia reports that Dusty Baker and the Philadelphia Phillies met for a second time yesterday as the team searches for a new manager. It was a back-to-back thing, with him meeting with Phillies officials on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Here’s what Baker said to NBC Philly:

“They got a good team, great city, I’ve been coming here for years. The fans are great. So it’s a great place to possibly come and work.”

The Phillies are also reportedly planning on second interviews with Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter, so it’s clear what they’re going for here: an experienced manager who has taken a club to the postseason. Which makes perfect sense given the makeup of the roster and the club’s expectations.

Baker has a track record of taking over poor-to-decent clubs and, almost immediately, making them winners. He did it in Washington, he did it in Cincinnati, he did it in San Francisco and, though it was only in his first season before running into some bad years, he even did it in Chicago. No one has the market cornered on assessing manager skill and quality, but the fact that Baker has won everywhere he’s gone probably means that, if they do eventually figure out what the special sauce is, Baker will be found to have possessed a vat of it in the trunk of his car.

No matter how this plays out, it seems pretty likely that the Phillies are going to head into 2020 with a familiar face at the helm.