Whistlegate: MLB finds no wrongdoing by Astros

Getty Images

(photo caption: an unknown woman gazes upon a framed copy of the Unwritten Rules)

Yesterday it was reported that the Yankees were angry at the Astros for allegedly stealing and relaying signs via players in the dugout whistling to Astros batters. Ken Rosenthal reported a little bit ago that Major League Baseball has investigated the matter and found that the Astros “did not engage in any activities prohibited by MLB policies.”

Our brief national nightmare is over.

This may not, of course, mollify the Yankees. That’s because even if the Astros did not violate any MLB policies, those policies only speak to teams not using technology such as cameras, or cell phones or, I dunno, Apple Watches, to steal and/or relay signs or signals. As Andy Martino’s original report on this noted, however, some on the Yankees may believe that even if there was not an official violation of rules, the whole whistling thing could be a violation of the ever-so-important unwritten rules. With all of the exhausting incoherence those entail.

No word if the Unwritten Commissioner of Baseball will weigh in — verbally, obviously, — on whether there was a violation of the Unwritten Rules. I sort of hope he does, though, because the lapsed attorney in me really wants to see how one cites an unwritten rule in an unwritten opinion.