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Rain could be a problem for ALCS Game 4


Rain, rain go away, come again some other day.

Because if it doesn’t, people are gonna have to change their postseason plans.

The weather for the postseason has been beautiful so far, but that looks to change on Wednesday when big rain is expected to blow through New York. That could cause some problems for ALCS Game 4 and, if the game becomes necessary, a potential NLCS Game 5 could be moved back from an afternoon to an evening start.

As of 7:30 AM this morning, the forecast for the Bronx on Wednesday night is showing a 95% to 100% chance of rain between 7PM and 10PM, with it tapering slightly after that, but not dipping below 50% until after 1AM early Thursday morning:

Baseball can handle rain delays, but that looks more like the kind of pattern that leads to a full postponement, not mere delays.

If the game is postponed the league is likely to move the Cardinals-Nationals Game 5, if it is indeed necessary, from its current 4:08 PM starting time to prime time. Which, actually, would be a very good thing apart from mere TV start times, because Washington is expected to have a ton of rain in the mid-to-late afternoon on Wednesday, with things clearing up and drying out in the early evening. That would make a 7:30 or 8PM start time a whole lot better, weather-wise.

If those moves happened, MLB would then move ALCS Game 4 to Thursday, ALCS Game 5 to Friday, eliminating the travel day, and a potential ALCS Game 6 would be played in Houston on Saturday.

The call to postpone Wednesday’s Astros-Yankees game would likely be made well in advance of game time. The call to move a Cards-Nats NLCS Game 5 to the evening is contingent on the Cardinals actually showing up for this series for the first time and winning a dang game.

Buster Posey has opted out of the season

Buster Posey has opted out
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Buster Posey has opted out of the 2020 MLB season. The San Francisco Giants have issued a statement saying that they “fully support Buster’s decision. Buster is an integral part of our team and will be sorely missed, but we look forward to having him back in 2021.”

Posey and his wife are adopting identical twin girls who were born prematurely and who are currently in the NICU and will be for some time. They are stable, but obviously theirs is not a situation that would be amenable to the demands of a baseball season as it’s currently structured.

Poset had missed all of the Giants’ workouts so far, Recently he said, “I think there’s still some reservation on my end as well. I think I want to see kind of how things progress here over the next couple of weeks. I think it would be a little bit maybe naive or silly not to gauge what’s going on around you, not only around you here but paying attention to what’s happening in the country and different parts of the country.” He said that he talked about playing with his wife quite a great deal but, really, this seems like a no-brainer decision on his part.

In opting out Posey is foregoing the 60-game proration of his $21.4 million salary. He is under contract for one more year at $21.4 million as well. The Giants can pick up his 2022 club option for $22 million or buy him out for $3 million.

A veteran of 11 seasons, Posey has earned about $124 million to date. Which seems to be the common denominator with players who have opted out thus far. With the exception of Joe Ross and Héctor Noesí, the players to have opted out thus far have earned well above $10 million during their careers. Players that aren’t considered “high risk” and elect not to play do not get paid and do not receive service time.