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Here are the umpires for the League Championship Series


Umpires: men whose names its best you forget the moment they’re announced. They’re hoping the same thing, actually. If you know ’em, they screwed up or put themselves in the middle of an ump show and if that happens no one wins.

Well, except for us. We get great content out of big umpiring controversies. Jim Joyce screwing up Armando Galarraga’s would-be perfect game was nearly the most trafficked stuff we’ve ever had. The post in which I wrote about whether or not Bud Selig should reverse the call set the still-standing — and likely always will be standing — comment record here with 585 comments. I mean, that did some business, jack.

Which is to say, yeah, I DO sorta hope someone messes up a big call in this series. Because (a) my team isn’t in it anymore so no one I care about is gonna get boned; (b) the more chaos the better; and (c) it’ll be good for business.

With that in mind, here are the crews that, if we’re lucky, will really step in it:

Phil Cuzzi doesn’t get the Yankees playoff games? Well, in that case put all my money on the Astros.

Brewers sign Freddy Peralta to a multi-year deal

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Ken Rosenthal reports that the Milwaukee Brewers have agreed to a five-year $15.5 million deal with pitcher Freddy Peralta. There are two club options as well, which would nearly double the overall value of the contract if exercised.

Peralta, who turns 24 in June, has amazing stuff. He has struggled so far, having posted a 4.79 ERA in 163.1 major league innings across two seasons, but people who follow him closely believe that he’s primed for a breakthrough. For now he’s a reliever — he’ll likely be a multi-inning fireman for the 2020 season — but he has was mostly a starter in his rookie year before assuming swingman duties last season. He could become one again if things break right in his development. Sort of a Brandon Woodruff track.

If that happens the Brewers will, quite obviously, have a bargain on their hands. If not, at least Peralta has some security on his.