Wild Card, Division Series Game Times Announced Through Saturday


The postseason begins tonight when the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Washington Nationals in the NL Wild Card Game. Tomorrow the Oakland Athletics will host the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL Wild Card Game. After that, things are not fully certain, but we do know when the games will start, at least through Saturday, per MLB’s announcement of game times last night.

We know the Cardinals will play the Braves. We know the Twins will face the Yankees. The Dodgers and Astros await their opponents in the Division Series. If it’s Milwaukee, y’all tell me about how that Game two against the Brewers goes, because there ain’t no way my old, early-rising butt is gonna be able to watch an entire 9:47 PM start. I’m more likely to wake up when it’s still going in if it hits extra innings, actually.

Here is when it’ll all go down.