Moises Alou takes name out of running for Padres job

Getty Images

When Andy Green was fired as Padres manager a few reporters said that Moises Alou, who works a Padres special assistant, would be a top candidate for the job. One reporter even said that the job was his for the taking if he wanted it.

Whether that was true or not is probably unknowable by anyone outside of the Padres organization, but it’s also academic because ESPN’s Enrique Rojas says that Alou has taken himself out of the running due to family reasons.

Even if Alou was the Padres’ top choice, they likely won’t be lacking for top candidates given the Padres’ current position. Sure. 2019 was a bad year but they have oodles of young talent and a deep farm system and stand poised to contend for a long time. Plus, it’s not too hard to sell people on moving to San Diego, I don’t imagine.