DEA probing Tyler Skaggs’ death

Tyler Skaggs
Getty Images

It was revealed last month that Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs’ death was the result of Fentanyl, oxycodone and alcohol in his system. Now the Drug Enforcement Administration is looking into it.

T.J. Quinn of ESPN reports that the DEA is investigating where Skaggs obtained the drugs that were in his system. They’re particularly interested in the Fentanyl, which has increasingly been found as a contaminant in other drugs. Quinn’s report says it has even been found in marijuana, but it’s more commonly found laced — either intentionally or inadvertently — in cocaine and heroin (though some believe such claims are overblown).

Quinn says that no Angels employees or players are currently the subject or target of said DEA inquiries. It’s worth recalling, however, that the Skaggs family issued a statement at the end of August in which they suggested that someone connected with the Angels may have played some role in Skaggs’ death and have hired high-powered attorney Rusty Hardin to represent them.

As I said at the time, there will certainly be more to come in this sad story.