David Ortiz talks about getting shot, fighting for his life

Getty Images

David Ortiz sat down for a wide-ranging interview with WEEI, talking about being shot on June 9 in the Dominican Republic. It was pretty eye-opening.

Ortiz said that, once he was back in the United States, at Massachusetts General Hospital, doctors discovered that he had a bacterial infection the likes of which they had never seen before. It was only then, and not in the immediate aftermath of his shooting that he thought he might die. He likewise details his being transported to Massachusetts and how he was barely conscious for most of it, only really waking up and thinking clearly once he was in Boston.

Ortiz also talks about the physical sensation of being shot and how, actually, it didn’t hurt until later. The first feeling that something was truly wrong was not pain, in fact, it was the feeling of his energy simply leaving his body due to blood loss. His characterization:

“You don’t want to know! I guess everybody is different so it all depends. In my case, the only explanation I can give you is that I feel like something was burning and I was basically losing … you know how your body needs to have a certain point so you stabilize and you know what you’re doing? I felt like that was walking away from me, at some point. Not right away, but at some point, I wasn’t feeling as strong as I feel and I guess it was because I was bleeding and that’s what happens when you get shot, I guess.”

Ortiz also takes issue with the rumors about a possible motivation for his shooting that cropped up in the immediate aftermath. He said that rumors and lies are common in the Dominican Republic and that there are certain types of people who spread such things with the hopes of getting followed on social media. He said that’s the reason he recently hired a team of private investigators. Seems like it may be less about “looking into his shooting” as it was originally reported, and more squelching the rumors.

Ortiz says he plans to go back to the Dominican Republic at some point, but that his days of simply walking around by himself in public there may be over. Can’t say as I blame him.