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Shawn Kelley will retire if Rangers don’t pick up 2020 option


Rangers reliever Shawn Kelley says he will retire if the Rangers don’t pick up his 2020 club option for $2.5 million, MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan reports. Kelley said, “If they pick me up, I would love to come back and do another year. If not, I will drift off to the sunset. I’ll either play here next year or retire.”

Kelley, 35, has a 4.07 ERA with 39 strikeouts and seven walks in 42 innings of relief for the Rangers this year. Those aren’t exactly terrible numbers, but Kelley said he doesn’t want to have to acclimate himself with a new team. “I don’t want to go to a new team, meet all new people, learn all new philosophies, that stuff,” the right-hander explained. Kelley added, “I’ve got four kids that need me.”

According to Baseball Reference, Kelley has earned just shy of $25 million since making his major league debut in 2009 with the Mariners. He had some very good relief years, owning a 3.70 ERA for his career as well as 517 strikeouts in 459 1/3 innings of work.

Players’ offer reportedly not going over well with owners

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Last night it was reported that the Players Union had made an offer to Major League Baseball and the owners regarding plans for a 2020 season. The offer, which was in part counteroffer to the owners’ previous offer, part new proposals of its own, involved a 114-game season with an end date on October 31, a playoff expansion for two years, the right for players to opt out of the season over health concerns, and a potential deferral of 2020 salaries if the postseason were to be canceled.

How’s that sitting with the owners? Not great, folks.

Evan Drellich of The Athletic reported this morning that the owners want a shorter schedule than the 114 games the players proposed, likely because they want to increase the odds that they can get to a postseason before a potential second wave COVID-19 outbreak occurs, as many experts expect it will. The owners also, not surprisingly, still want salary reductions, which the players have not addressed due to their contention that the matter was settled. Drellich says that the players’ offer “hasn’t been rejected yet but that’s inevitable.”

Bob Klapisch of the Newark Star-Ledger is more blunt:

The sides are, as Drellich notes, still talking. It would appear, however, that the owners tack of negotiating through the media is continuing on as well.