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Dodgers set the National League record for home runs in a season


The Twins have already broken the all-time record for home runs in a season, but another team home run record has fallen: last night the 2019 Dodgers became the all-time most dingerrific home run team in National League history.

Joc Pederson — who is on a personal tear of his own, with five home runs and a double in his last seven plate appearances — homered in the first inning in last night’s game against the Rockies, giving the Dodgers 249 homers. Then he homered again in the fourth inning to give them 250 on the year. The previous mark was 249, set by the 2000 Houston Astros.

The Dodgers have 20 games to go. 2019 is a trip, ain’t it?

Dale Murphy’s son hit in eye by rubber bullet during protest

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Atlanta Braves legend Dale Murphy took to Twitter last night and talked about his son, who was injured while taking part in a protest in Denver.

Murphy said his son nearly lost his eye after he was hit in the face by a rubber bullet while peacefully marching. He later shared a photo (see below). “Luckily, his eye was saved due to a kind stranger that was handing out goggles to protestors shortly before the shooting and another kind stranger that drove him to the ER,” Murphy said.

Murphy had far more to say about the protests, however, than how it related to his son:

“As terrible as this experience has been, we know that it’s practically nothing compared to the systemic racism and violence against Black life that he was protesting in the first place. Black communities across America have been terrorized for centuries by excessive police force . . . If you’re a beneficiary of systemic racism, then you will not be able to dismantle it at no cost to yourself. You will have to put yourself at risk. It might not always result in being physically attacked, but it will require you to make yourself vulnerable.”