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Padres claim Nick Martini off waivers


In a stirring move that has the baseball world shaken, the San Diego Padres have claimed Nick Martini off waivers from the Oakland Athletics.

Gosh, olive post-trade deadline moves.

Martini, who does not have a reputation for being dirty — in fact, he’s a straight-up guy from what I can tell — hit .328/.432/.482 with eight home runs in 70 games this season at Triple-A and is a career .282/.385/.411 career hitter in 192 plate appearances at the big league level.

How much time he’ll get to play in San Diego is an open question. Most of his damage is done against righties, who he positively macerates. That’s fairly useful as long as you only have a couple of guys like him on your roster, but you don’t want to go crazy. As they say: one Martini is not quite enough, but three is too many.

I’d go on, but sadly, I’ve been cut off.

Nationals’ major leaguers to continue offering financial assistance to minor leaguers

Sean Doolittle
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On Sunday, we learned that while the Nationals would continue to pay their minor leaguers throughout the month of June, their weekly stipend would be lowered by 25 percent, from $400 to $300. In an incredible act of solidarity, Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle and his teammates put out a statement, saying they would be covering the missing $100 from the stipends.

After receiving some criticism, the Nationals reversed course, agreeing to pay their minor leaguers their full $400 weekly stipend.

Doolittle and co. have not withdrawn their generosity. On Wednesday, Doolittle released another statement, saying that he and his major league teammates would continue to offer financial assistance to Nationals minor leaguers through the non-profit organization More Than Baseball.

The full statement:

Washington Nationals players were excited to learn that our minor leaguers will continue receiving their full stipends. We are grateful that efforts have been made to restore their pay during these challenging times.

We remain committed to supporting them. Nationals players are partnering with More Than Baseball to contribute funds that will offer further assistance and financial support to any minor leaguers who were in the Nationals organization as of March 1.

We’ll continue to stand with them as we look forward to resuming our 2020 MLB season.

Kudos to Doolittle and the other Nationals continuing to offer a helping hand in a trying time. The players shouldn’t have to subsidize their employers’ labor expenses, but that is the world we live in today.