Padres claim Nick Martini off waivers

Getty Images

In a stirring move that has the baseball world shaken, the San Diego Padres have claimed Nick Martini off waivers from the Oakland Athletics.

Gosh, olive post-trade deadline moves.

Martini, who does not have a reputation for being dirty — in fact, he’s a straight-up guy from what I can tell — hit .328/.432/.482 with eight home runs in 70 games this season at Triple-A and is a career .282/.385/.411 career hitter in 192 plate appearances at the big league level.

How much time he’ll get to play in San Diego is an open question. Most of his damage is done against righties, who he positively macerates. That’s fairly useful as long as you only have a couple of guys like him on your roster, but you don’t want to go crazy. As they say: one Martini is not quite enough, but three is too many.

I’d go on, but sadly, I’ve been cut off.