Dustin Pedroia provides an update on his recovery

Getty Images

I have no idea if Dustin Pedroia is ever going to play in a major league baseball game again. I have my doubts based on reports about his recent knee surgery, which is often used as an alternative to full knee replacement. It’s some major stuff and between that and how long it will have been since he’s played for even a moderate stretch of time, the smart money may very well be on his career being over.

Pedroia is waxing cautiously optimistic these days, however, telling WEEI yesterday that he’s feeling pretty good, relatively speaking, since his surgery. He adds that, since he’s rehabbing at a Vail, Colorado facility at the moment,  he plans to join the Red Sox during their series against the Rockies this week, just to be around the club:

“Had a check-up with the doctor this morning and I’ll see the guys the next two days and then I’ll be in Vail until Monday rehabbing. The surgery went really great. I’m still on crutches for two more weeks but things are going really good compared to where I was before the surgery.”

Pedroia, 36, played in only three games last year and appeared in just six games this year, accruing just three hits in 34 plate appearances. In May, after being placed back on the injured list, Pedroia said that he was unsure if he will ever play again. Hopefully his rehab continues to give him gains and he’s at least willing to give it go next spring.