David Ortiz hires private investigator to look into his shooting

Getty Images

Ex-Red Sox star David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic in early June. Initial reports — quickly recanted — characterized it as a “hit” on Ortiz. Soon after officials characterized it as a case of mistaken identity.

That struck some at a bit odd in that Ortiz is arguably the single most famous person in all of the Dominican Republic and, obviously, is pretty distinctive looking. It’s apparently not just a few of us weirdos out here who find that rather curious. It seems that even David Ortiz does.

Why? because according to the Boston Globe, Ortiz has hired a security consultant — former Boston police commissioner Ed Davis — to look into the shooting. Davis will reportedly lead independent investigation into the shooting that includes enlisting “a team of private investigators to scour his native Dominican Republic for answers.” The report quotes a spokesman for Ortiz saying he’s “damn interested in finding out what really happened.” The “really” is a tell that that mistaken identity report isn’t washing with Ortiz.

Stay tuned.