Yankees sign Trevor Rosenthal

Getty Images

The New York Yankees have signed free-agent reliever Trevor Rosenthal to a minor-league contract. That according to Andersen Pickard, whose report was subsequently confirmed by Jon Heyman.

Rosenthal was recently released by the Tigers, where he pitched in ten games, totaling nine innings, allowing eight runs of which seven were earned. His time in Detroit came after a disastrous stint with the Nationals, in which he allowed 16 runs on eight hits and 15 walks with five strikeouts in six and a third innings.

Why might the Yankees sign him? Why not? He’s almost free and, even if his 2019 results have been disastrous, he was once a top reliever. If they can fix him in the last couple of weeks of Scranton’s season or figure out what’s wrong with him down in Tampa or whatever, they’ll have something. If not, they’ll simply release him. In this it’s not all that different than their recent signings of a number of other journeyman relievers like David Hernandez and Ryan Dull.