Brian Cashman held at gunpoint by Connecticut police

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Yankees GM Brian Cashman was pulled over and held at gunpoint by police in Darien, Connecticut. NBC New York has the body cam footage.

Cashman’s Jeep Wrangler was stolen on August 3 and later recovered. However, it was still listed as stolen in the New York police database. Additionally, a man who looked like Cashman and drove a similar vehicle had wielded a gun in a doctor’s office earlier that day in Connecticut.

Thankfully for Cashman, the issue quickly deescalated. The police officer recognized Cashman and apologized “for the embarrassment.”

Per Dennis Young of the New York Daily News, Cashman said, “I have high respect for all law enforcement. They do an amazing job whether you’re in Connecticut and New York City — and sometimes unique circumstances can occur.” He added, “Ultimately, if I was a Darien resident, I’d feel good about being protected. If you are stopped, just do what you are told. It will all work out. Let them complete the job they are doing. It’s about public safety.”