Astros become ninth team to announce extended protective netting

Getty Images

The White Sox, Nationals, Tigers, Blue Jays, Dodgers, Pirates, Rangers, and Royals have all announced that they plan to extend the protective netting at their ballparks. Add another team to that list: the Astros will be doing so at Minute Maid Park.

Brian McTaggart of reports that all of the current netting will be replaced with “knotless netting,” which will allow for an improved viewing experience. The netting will also be extended further down lines.

Just as the first push for expanded netting came as the result of a follow-the-leader approach, at which point critical mass was reached and all 30 teams did it, I suspect that, by Opening Day 2020, all 30 teams will have once again expanded their netting by virtue of the leaders on the matter setting a new defacto standard of care in the industry.