Report: Hispanic family allegedly harassed at Globe Life Field in Arlington

Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports that the Rangers are investigating an incident in which a Hispanic family was allegedly harassed at Globe Life Field in Arlington on Saturday. According to Jessica Romero, who made a Facebook post detailing the incident, a man kept complaining about having Hispanic families sitting around him at the ballpark. Romero also took a picture of the angry fan making an obscene gesture towards the camera.

Romero wrote:

He made it perfectly clear during the second inning that he is not a fan of Hispanics. And he just so happened to have a Hispanic family [us] sitting in front of him and another one sitting directly behind him. During the second inning the little boy behind him who looked to be about Nomar’s [her son] age kicked the back of his chair. And for the next three innings I had to hear him complain about all the illegal immigrants that were surrounding him at the game. That he should kick little Speedy Gonzalez all the way back to Mexico for kicking his seat. That Trump needs to hurry and build the wall and send all these illegals back so they won’t be kicking his seat.

Romero added, “Sadly this is not the first or the last time we will ever experience this kind of racism.”

Romero’s family has been loyal to the Rangers, purchasing 10-game mini-plans for the last decade. Romero’s husband Ramon left to get his son a hot dog when the racist fan went on his tirade. He said, “I was just in shock. I would have said something, but she said she was more concerned about me and the safety of our son. She said she didn’t want anything to get out of control. But it does happen. It struck me that he’s at a game being played by so many Latinos that maybe we are good enough to play for him, but not good enough to sit near him.”

In a statement, the Rangers said, “The Rangers are committed to providing all of our guests with a safe and enjoyable experience and we are truly sorry that this family was subjected to this offensive behavior at Saturday’s game. There is no place at Globe Life Park in Arlington for this type of conduct to occur. After learning of this incident on Sunday, we have reached out to the Romero family and pledge to make their next trip to Globe Life Park a memorable and enjoyable experience.”

As Grant notes, the incident at Globe Life Park in Arlington took place just hours after the mass shooting in El Paso. Like the racist fan, the El Paso shooter referenced language used by President Trump and his biggest supporters. The current administration is allowing white supremacists to feel comfortable being outwardly hateful in the public sphere. It would not be surprising if more incidents like this occurred at sporting events, particularly baseball since many of its players are Latino.