Video: Extended netting already paying off


The White Sox are the first team to have installed netting all the way down to the foul poles. Yesterday it paid off. Well, it paid off for the visiting team. Not because of a hot shot down the line, but because it allowed a catch to be made that might not have otherwise been made.

Mets right fielder Jeff McNeil ranged for a foul ball that would normally have drifted into the seats. It was the sort of ball that, yes, a fielder who got to the wall early could’ve cautiously reached into the stands for but which a fielder on the run, like McNeil was, would not have lest he kill himself about 10 fans by diving into the seats at full speed.

But with a net? Easy peasy mac and cheesy:

And people complained that the nets would make things less fun. Pshaw.

Rangers, Padres, White Sox to continue paying minor leaguers

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In March, Major League Baseball agreed to pay minor league players $400 per week while the sport is shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic. That provision is set to expire at the end of May. As Craig noted earlier, the Athletics will not be paying their minor leaguers starting on June 1.

Several teams are doing the right thing, continuing to pay their minor leaguers $400 per week through at least the end of June. Per The Athletic’s Levi Weaver and James Fegan, the Rangers and White Sox will each tack on another month of pay. The Athletic’s Dennis Lin reported earlier that the Padres will pay their players through the end of August. Craig also cited a Baseball America report from this morning, which mentioned that the Marlins will also pay their players through the end of August.

Frankly, if the Marlins can find a way to continue paying their minor league players, then every team should be able to do the same. The Marlins are widely believed to be the least profitable among the 30 major league clubs. Here’s hoping the rest of the league follows the Rangers’, White Sox’s, Padres’, and Marlins’ lead as opposed to the Athletics’.