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Report: Mets pull Noah Syndergaard off trade market


Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that the New York Mets have pulled starter Noah Syndergaard off the trading block and do not intend to deal him by today’s 4PM trade deadline. They still are likely to trade Zack Wheeler, however.

If true: good for the Mets. Yes, they could probably get a lot for Syndergaard right now. But as we noted many times in the past few days, their acquisition of Marcus Stroman to go along with Jacob deGrom and Syndergaard gives the Mets a fantastic top-three to the rotation. Along with Jeff McNeil, Michael Conforto and Pete Alonso, you have a wonderful core that could, with some tweaks, compete next year. And which could even be at least moderately interesting in the season’s final two months.

Are the Mets perfect? Far from it, obviously. They have underachieved and have some issues with defense and relief pitching to go along with their usual born-under-a-bad-sign karma and their oh so common self-inflicted wounds. But they’re talented enough to where the front office should be adding to and enhancing the roster rather than tearing it down or merely churning it.

All of this  changes, of course, if the Mets simply deal Syndergaard this winter rather than attempt to build a contender for 2020. But for now, if this report holds up, consider this some fair to moderate praise for the Mets.

Domingo Germán placed on administrative leave under MLB’s domestic violence policy

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Major League Baseball just announced that New York Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán has been placed on Administrative Leave under the Joint MLB-MLBPA Domestic Violence Policy. Per the policy, the initial period of Administrative Leave may last up to seven days, barring an extension.

There have been no details yet provided as to the underlying facts which gave rise to the investigation. They will no doubt come out soon, however, at least in part. We’ll certainly update if and when that happens. In the meantime, Major League Baseball’s Department of Investigations has commenced an investigation into the matter that led to his placement on Administrative Leave.

So, that’s quite a thing. Updates as warranted.