Mets may be up to something

Getty Images

Readers of my daily recaps — and those who remember the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” — know that when I reference the big pile of mashed potatoes and say “This is important. This means something,” that something has occurred that may actually matter but I don’t know exactly what it means or how it all fits together.

With that in mind, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic just dumped a bunch of mashed potatoes on our plates and it’s time to get sculpting, Richard Dreyfuss-style:

If the Mets think they have a deal in the works for Syndergaard, they’d most certainly scratch him, thus the need for Santana. Heck, even if they think they’re a day away from closing a deal, they may do it so that an acquiring team can run Syndergaard out this week.

UPDATE: For now, anyway, Syndergaard is still on the hill tonight:

Guess we’ll see. All of this is, of course, pure speculation, but it’s a lot more fun to speculate when there’s at least a little hook of something on which to hang it all. And really, it’s not like anything else is going on.