Video: Andrew McCutchen’s wife throws him his own All-Star party at home

Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen was in the midst of a solid season in the first year of his three-year, $50 million contract. He was hitting .256/.378/.457 with 10 home runs and 29 RBI in his first 59 games. Sadly, he suffered a torn ACL, ending his season on June 3 in San Diego.

For as much coverage as baseball players get, we don’t often talk about how tough these kinds of injuries can be to deal with. McCutchen got a little bit into that when he shared a video on Instagram. His wife Maria threw him a surprise All-Star party, but not just any party. Take it away, Andrew:

For those who can’t watch the video, McCutchen says:

Normal day at the McCutchen household. Well, at least that’s what I thought. I come home with my family from going to the family function today. My wife tells me to proceed down to the basement. So I do that. And this is what I see.

Hobblin’ down the steps, one foot at a time. I look up. Hold — hold up. [There are big standing letters spelling CUTCH emblazoned with stars in front of a red carpet.]

It gets better. That’s a red carpet. Then we have some family and friends in this area standing there. And I’m like, “Tell me that we having an All-Star party? No.” Then we go over here to the left. [He shows National League All-Star shirts with McCutchen’s name and number on the back and an All-Star hat.]

Balloons on deck. [Some look like baseballs.] I don’t even know how they did that. Then there’s a whole lot of food and snacks and a big ol’ baseball balloon right there. Sometimes that’s how a baseball look when you hot.

Then, they throw this up. [A “You’re Our All-Star” banner above the basement bar.]

This is one of the coolest things. Bop! [A picture, surrounded by bright lights, of McCutchen holding his son at his introductory press conference after signing with the Phillies. Another picture shows McCutchen posing in a Phillies uniform.] The lights on, man. Got me with my son, chillin’ at the press conference over here. Bop! The lights on ’em. It’s lit! Travis Scott voice.

Man, this was on the cake topper. I was seein’ photos of that later. [The cake toppers include him holding his son, both in Phillies gear, a scoreboard showing the NL winning, and a Phillies hat.] Look at that man, I was on the top of a cake. That was me and my son. They had the score on there — we won. Then — look, we got the hat.

I know I’m biased, I know I am. But I honestly feel like I got the coolest wife in the entire world. That’s honestly how I feel. Because she went and took the time out of her life to do something like this for me. And it means a lot. It means so much because you work so hard, and to have an injury like this to where it gets wiped away, all your work. Everything you prepared for, the year is just wiped away. And for her to do this for me, it means the world to me, honestly. It went from a regular day at the McCutchen household to one of the coolest days. One of the coolest days, man. Look at the McCutchen, bro! [Camera pans to the big letters in the back.] It’s over there! It’s “CUTCH!”

My wife said since my All-Star chances got wiped away she thought that she should bring the All-Star Game to me. I got the best wife in the world.

That is a really cool, heartwarming moment for McCutchen. He and his wife are officially #relationshipgoals.