Yankees broadcaster John Sterling to miss first games in 30 years

Getty Images

John Sterling has called Yankees radio games since 1989. Indeed, with the exception of a couple of random off-days in that first year in New York, he has called every single Yankees game in those 30 years. According to the Yankees, through last night’s game, Sterling has worked 5,059 consecutive Yankees games, including the postseason.

That streak will continue on through tonight, when he calls the Yankees-Mets game, but starting tomorrow he’s getting a mini-vacation. He won’t follow the Yankees to Tampa Bay for this weekend’s series against the Rays. Ryan Ruocco will fill in, giving Sterling four games off and, with the All-Star break next week, an eight-day vacation.

The reason is health, though it’s nothing serious. Sterling has been under the weather of late and he and his bosses felt that the 81-year-old institution could use a little time off.

That will be super weird for Yankees fans, many of whom have gone their entire lives — or at least their entire time as fans — never listening to a game not called by Sterling. But everyone is entitled to a day off once in a while, right?