Manny Machado’s one-game suspension upheld

Getty Images

Manny Machado will miss tonight’s game against the Giants due to his one-game suspension being upheld.

You’ll recall that Major League Baseball suspended Machado one game and fined him an undisclosed amount for “aggressively arguing” and making contact with umpire Bill Welke in the fifth inning of a game against the Rockies on June 15. The argument got rather heated, with Machado throwing his helmet down, dropping about a dozen F-bombs, bumping Welke and, in the end, throwing his bat against the backstop.

The matter might’ve been forgotten totally if it wasn’t for the Major League Baseball Umpire’s Association registering its displeasure at what it felt was a weak suspension from the league. That registering of displeasure was met, in return, by Major League Baseball registering its displeasure at the Major League Baseball Umpire’s Association for being unprofessional in commenting upon player discipline.

As it is, though, it’s fairly rare for one-game suspensions not to be upheld, so Machado will cool his heels tonight.