Eduardo Escobar flies over 4,500 miles between games

Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Red Sox traveled 3,269 from Boston to London. The Yankees traveled 3,459 miles from New York to London. That’s quite a lot of flying, but it’s not as many miles as Diamondbacks infielder Eduardo Escobar flew in between Wednesday’s and Thursday’s games.

On Wednesday, Escobar went 2-for-4 with a homer and three RBI in the Diamondbacks’ win over the Dodgers in Phoenix. After the game he got on a private plane provided by the Dbacks team owners and flew 1,972 miles to Miami. The reason: his two sons, 11-year-old Eduardo Escobar Jr., and 8-year-old Raul Escobar had an immigration hearing in Miami yesterday morning in which each of them were granted their green cards.

One successful hearing and, presumably, a lot of family hugs later, Escobar got back on the plane and flew 2,585 miles to San Francisco. He made it back by game time, entered the game as a replacement at third base in the sixth inning and went 1-for-2, singling in a run in the ninth inning.

All told: two games, 4,557 miles of air travel, three time zones out and back, a combined line of 3-for-6 with four RBI, and, presumably, a lot of less-than-satisfying airplane sleep in around 24 hours. Not too shabby.

Oh, and kudos to the owners of the Dbacks for the use of the plane.