Giancarlo Stanton makes catch in stands in first game back

Associated Press

The Yankees won last night. It was a big win, as it came against the Rays, the team which they are currently battling for the division lead. The game featured homers from Edwin Encarnación and Cameron Maybin, each of whom were picked up after the season began — Encarnación just this past week — helping the Yankees overcome the massive number of injuries they sustained and which most people reasonably expected would derail them.

Yet, here they are, not derailed. What’s more, one of the most significant of the injured players — Giancarlo Stanton — came back last night after a nearly three-month layoff. Between that and the win and the homers from the newcomers and everything, you’d think the news coming off the New York presses this morning would be uniformly happy.

Nah: one of the tabloids is running a column about how worrisome it was that Stanton went 0-for-4. Never change, New York. Never change.

As a minor corrective, let us note that, despite the undoubtable harbinger of doom and sorrow that is a rusty player taking an o’fer in his first game back in months, Stanton made a nifty play in the outfield, ranging to the wall and reaching into the stands to snag a pop foul. He did it in wet conditions too. Watch:


If you’re the sort of person who really wants to focus on the negative, remember, baseball is a game of constant failure, so there’s a good chance Stanton won’t have a great night at the plate again tonight. Until then, I apologize for presenting this bit of positivity.