Officials identify man who arranged to pay suspects in shooting of David Ortiz

Getty Images

Dominican Republic prosecutors named the men who they say paid the hitmen who shot David Ortiz. The Boston Globe reports:

New court documents said Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota planned to provide the money — $7,800, according to authorities. Mota, who is not in custody, is charged with attempted murder.

Another suspect, who is in custody, Gabriel Alexander Perez Vizcaino, 24, convened the hit squad, according to the documents. On Monday, he was charged for his alleged role in plotting the attack . . .

The Globe reports on documents which detail the hows of it all. Where the money was handed off and details such as the handing over of a gold iPhone which “showed the person they were going to liquidate,” but authorities still do not have a motive for the attempted murder. One suspect continues to claim that someone else was the intended target. It’s hard to see how someone as conspicuous as David Ortiz could be mixed up with someone but I suppose it’ll all come out in time.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Ortiz reported today that Ortiz’s condition has been upgraded to “good,” which is, obviously, good.