Couple catches two foul balls without leaving their seats

Getty Images

I’ve been going to baseball games for over 40 years now and I’ve never once caught a foul ball. Well, I got one at a spring training game, but I didn’t catch it as much as it hit an empty balcony near where I was standing and I walked over to it. And Jonah Keri, who was watching the game with me, bullied me into giving it to a cute, innocent kid below us because he’s just the worst kind of person like that.

Which is to say, nah, I really haven’t caught a foul ball before.

But a couple at last night’s Oakland A’s game caught not just one but two. And they did it without even getting up out of their seats.

A big assist to the dudes who tried to catch them with actual effort but failed. And an assist to the ricochet off the seats down below them on one of ’em. There is wisdom on the part of this couple. They know, it seems, that if one waits long enough for something it’ll come to you.