Prosecutors decline to charge Julio Urías

Getty Images

Dodgers pitcher Julio Urías was arrested on May 13 on suspicion of domestic battery and placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball the next day. A week later he was reinstated from administrative leave. Yesterday, the L.A. Times reports, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office announced that it would not file charges against him.

The city attorney said it was deferring prosecution for 52 weeks, pending Urías’ good behavior, because Urias has no record of criminal behavior, the incident did not result in any physical injury, and the woman involved in the altercation did not suggest to either police officers or witnesses that she believed she was a victim. A witness to the altercation called 911.

It remains to be seen if Urías will face any discipline from Major League Baseball. While a criminal prosecution or even an arrest is not required for MLB to act, in the past the league has kept players on administrative leave until it has finished its investigation and leveled a penalty. That Urías has resumed pitching for the Dodgers suggests that he will not be disciplined, though it in no way ensures that.