When the 26th man gets hurt

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Another link post. Sorry, but there isn’t a lot of news yet today. On the other hand, it reminds me of the old school blogging days circa 2007 when most stuff was just . . . linking other stuff. Don’t knock it. I found a lot of interesting things to read back then!

This is from Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors. It’s about what happens when the 26th man on the roster — that extra player that teams are allowed to call up for doubleheaders — gets injured. Which happened to Reds pitcher Cody Reed earlier this week.

The short version: they don’t get to recover on the major league injury list even if the injury took place in a major league game.

Which, on the surface seems like an injustice. Given that I spend a lot of time beating the “justice for minor leaguers” drum around here you might think that I’m about to do that here too, but nah. If you dig deeper into the issue, as Adams does, you realize that it’s not so simple. I’ll leave it at that and let you read Adams’ article to be the judge of whether or not it makes sense.