Video: Randal Grichuk misplay turns into inside-the-park homer for Avisaíl García

Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Tropicana Field influenced a misjudgment from Blue Jays right fielder Randal Grichuk, leading to an inside-the-park solo home run for Rays DH Avisaíl García in the bottom of the third inning Tuesday night. Ahead two balls and no strikes against Clayton Richard, García popped up a fastball to shallow right field. García hung his head in disappointment for not hitting the ball well. Grichuk lost the ball in Tropicana Field’s roof. The ball ended up dropping some 30 feet behind him, bouncing all the way to the fence in the right field corner. García came all the way around to score, boosting the Rays’ lead to 2-0. They would go on to win 3-1.

Tropicana Field is frequently the cause of baseball’s stranger plays. Along with players losing track of the baseball in the white roof, fly balls have been known to strike speakers and catwalks. The ground rules for the Rays’ digs are interesting, to say the least.

Though it may be obvious to seasoned baseball fans, it is worth pointing out that García was indeed credited with a home run and Grichuk was not charged with an error.

García also singled and scored in the first inning, finishing 2-for-4 on the evening. The Yankees lost to the Padres 5-4 on Tuesday, so the Rays picked up a game in the standings and are now only one game behind the first-place Yankees in the AL East.