White House welcomes ‘Red Socks’ to visit

Getty Images

As you’re likely aware, the Boston Red Sox — at least some of them — are going to visit the president at the White House today.

On the page listing upcoming “Live” events to be streamed online from the White House, however, the announcement about the visit called them the “Red Socks,” instead of Red Sox. The Boston Globe flagged the error, which has since been fixed.

I guess when half the teams who win championships don’t want to come visit you you fall out of practice. Either that or the same guy who edits Trump’s misspelling-laden tweets handles the event page too.

As someone who makes way, way, way more than his fair share of typos I cannot judge. I would like to think, however, that I’d get the Sox/Socks distinction right. Or maybe not. I write a lot of words on this site. I probably messed that one up once or twice too.

(thanks to Ryan Frazer for the head’s up)