Nationals stuck on plane all night

Getty Images

It’s been a rough go of it lately for the Washington Nationals. They’ve lost eight of their last 11 games. They are riddled with injuries to important players. Now they are sleep-deprived and still haven’t made it out of Philadelphia even though they have a game in Milwaukee this evening.

The team’s charter plane out of Philly experienced mechanical issues last night and the entire team was stuck on the tarmac for hours. The plane was boarded at 6:30pm. Sometime around 4AM the decision was made for players to go back to the team hotel and try to get a couple hours of sleep. As of 8:45AM the plane was still in Philly. I’ve not seen word if it has taken off yet.

Nats broadcaster F.P. Santangelo at least had fun with it:

First pitch in Milwaukee is 7:40PM Eastern time. Greenies are now banned these days so I’m not sure how the Nats plan on being ready, but they’re pros. They’ll figure something out.