Craig Gentry retires

Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors reports that Craig Gentry, the speedy, glove-first backup outfielder with the spiffy first name, has retired. In five years he’ll most definitely be inducted into the “oh yeah, that guy” Hall of Fame.

You knew what you were getting with Gentry. An above average glove, some stolen bases with a good success rate and at least some amount of on-base ability vs. lefties. He’s the sort of guy every team used to have one of and was happy to have before everyone decided that it’s better to have 13 relievers. To be honest, his type is still pretty useful, even if it can’t always find a place on a roster. For his career Gentry hit .262/.333/.339 with 94 stolen bases in 114 attempts and a 9.7 bWAR in parts of ten seasons. Not shabby.

Happy trails, Craig.