Someone sent racist messages to Carl Edwards Jr. on Instagram

Carl Edwards Jr.
Getty Images

Patrick Mooney of The Athletic reports that someone sent racist messages to Cubs reliever Carl Edwards Jr. via his Instagram account. MLB and the MLBPA are investigating. If they figure out who it is, someone is gonna get a ban hammer from baseball games, I imagine.

A lot of people act as if racism is some historical artifact or a trait limited to the only truly evil and twisted. Meanwhile, all it takes is four bad relief outings in April for some probably normal-seeming guy named Chad or something to drop N-bombs on a relief pitcher’s Instagram page. Racists haven’t gone anyplace. They just try a bit harder to hide it these days. Just a bit, though.

Edwards has had a rough start to the season and was recently sent down to Triple-A Iowa to work on stuff. I’d say that whoever decided that Edwards not pitching as well as he did in past was worth this level of hostility has a lot more to work on.