Yankees sign Cliff Pennington

Getty Images

The Yankees, beset by injuries and in desperate need of some depth, signed some depth today: infielder Cliff Pennington.

Pennington will go to Triple-A and stand ready to, if the past week is a sign of things to come, fill in once more Yankees injuries occur. It should not take him too much time to be ready, of course, as he had a full spring training with the Athletics before being cut after their Tokyo trip but before the regular season got properly underway last week.

Pennington, a shortstop for most of his career, is basically a utility guy who can play all four infield positions and can spot you in the outfield if you need him to. He even pitched an inning in 2018. He spent last season with the Reds and Rangers, paying 16 games in Cincinnati and the rest of the season on the two organizations’ Triple-A teams.

Pennington is not going to give you anything with a bat. You sign him so the ball doesn’t roll through the infield for lack of warm bodies and everything else is gravy.