Orioles sign Dan Straily

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The Orioles have signed righty Dan Straily to a major league contract. He’ll make $575,000 and will get $250,000 if he’s traded.

Which he will be if he’s effective, one suspects, as the Orioles have two objectives for veterans at this point: eat innings so young arms who have a future here do not have to and bring back a prospect in a trade if you have a nice couple of months. The “couple of months” thing may be easier said than done for Straily given that he’s a flyball pitcher and is now in the AL East, but a job is better than no job.

Straily started 23 games for the Marlins last year, posting a 4.12 ERA and a K/BB ratio of 99/52 in 122.1 innings. He has averaged 1.5 homers per nine innings pitched for the past three seasons running which ain’t great. But see above what I said about a job being better than no job.