Indians sign Cameron Maybin

Cameron Maybin
Getty Images

The Indians broke spring training with an outfield that one could, charitably, describe as “suspect.” Yesterday, on Opening Day, they got punched in the mouth, with the outfield combining to go 1-for-10 on the afternoon. Today they went out and signed free agent outfielder Cameron Maybin to a minor league deal.

I’m guessing there is not a cause and effect relationship here — the Indians might’ve had the ball rolling on Maybin days ago — but that did happen and now this has happened, so we at least have some fun correlation.

Maybin went to spring training with the Giants, got arrested for a DUI, hit .163 with no power in 48 spring plate appearances and then got cut. Cut by a Giants team, mind you, that opened yesterday with an outfield which, I am fairly certain, consisted of conscripts drawn from the left field bleachers five minutes before first pitch.

Which is to say that this transaction is awash with promise and speaks well of everyone’s skills and everyone’s roster.

God bless you, Cleveland Indians.