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White Sox to sign top prospect Eloy Jimenez to eight-year deal


Multiple reporters are saying that the White Sox are in agreement on a 6-8 year extension with top outfield prospect Eloy Jimenez. The exact details are a tad unclear at the moment, but it looks like a six-year deal for $43 million with two team option years on top of that.

Jimenez is considered to be one of the top 3-4 prospects in all of baseball. He raked in the minors last year, hitting .337/.384/.577 between Double-A Birmingham and Triple-A Charlotte. A week ago the Sox optioned him back to Triple-A Charlotte in a move that, given how thin the White Sox’ big league roster is, was perceived my many to be a service time manipulation thing. Arguing against that was the fact that Jimenez had struggled this spring. Either way, it’s rather academic now. Whether he gets some more time in Charlotte to work on things or finds himself in the Sox’ big league outfield in March or April, he’ll be paid the same for it.

Like any of these deals, if Jimenez becomes the star many expect him to be, the White Sox will have successfully used their leverage over the team-controlled player to get a bargain. If he flames out due to injury or simply and unexpectedly fails to become a regular major leaguer, he will have secured his financial future. The tradeoffs are the tradeoffs and they are the product of the rules in play.

Gio González is now a free agent

Gio Gonzalez
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Everyone suspected this would happen and now it has: Gio González has requested and has been granted his release from his minor league deal with the Yankees. He is a free agent.

González stood to earn a $3 million salary if the Yankees elect to add him to the 25-man roster, with additional bonuses of $300,000 pending each start he makes after that, but nothing he did at Triple-A merited a callup. He issued 10 runs, six walks, and 19 strikeouts over his first 15 innings in the minors. He fired his agent, Scott Boras, late last week and hired CAA Baseball instead.

No word on whether CAA will be better at convincing anyone to sign a guy who walked six guys in 15 minor league innings to a big league deal than Boras was, frankly. My guess is that González will be on another minor league deal again soon if he wants to pitch in 2019.