Bryce Harper leaves game after getting plunked on ankle


Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper got hit on the right ankle by a pitch from Trent Thornton in today’s Phillies-Blue Jays game and had to leave the contest.

As you can see in the video below, Harper immediately crumpled to the ground before limping off the field. He was later seen walking under his own power in the dugout so, at the moment, he seems to be OK. But yikes, it sounded like it hurt. Watch the video with the volume up. It goes “thwack.” Or, perhaps, “thonk.” Definitely something in that family of onomatopoeia.


Tom Brady’s bid to trademark ‘Tom Terrific’ rejected

Getty Images

Remember back in June when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attempted to trademark “Tom Terrific?” And how everyone laughed at him because anyone who knows the first thing about sports knows that Tom Seaver, not Brady, was the first — and, frankly, only — “Tom Terrific?”

Well, our laughing was validated because his application was rejected by the Patent and Trademark Office because of a “false connection” with Tom Seaver. That’s the report from trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, who analyzes Brady’s failed bid here:

Next up on Great Moments in Hubris, I presume, will be my often ridiculous alma mater. But for now:

Sit down, son.